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Hydraulic Crawler Crane

Our hydraulic crawler crane is divided into such two series as CQUY550 and CQUY800. It features strong hoisting capacity, big lifting weight, good slip resistance and lower roadbed requirement. Therefore, it is widely applied in big factory construction of petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power sector, metallurgy, and nuclear energy plant.

In order to meet market demands and improve products' price performance ratio, we have designed the new crane for high-end users. The product is produced through our years' experience in manufacturing construction machinery. It has good lifting performance, 360° turning and telescopic crawlers.

Technical Features

1. In compliance with Euro III emission standard, the hydraulic crawler crane features reliable power and low cost. It utilizes open-type pump-controlled variable system, ensuring constant power control and independent heat dissipation.

2. Service grade is up to M7 level. The simultaneous operation of both main and auxiliary lifting winches brings less fuel consumption and more effective operation.

3. The telescopic chassis structure improves stability and makes the crane easy for transportation. The truck frame and the under frame adopt plug-in connection, which is easy for assembling.

4. The cab is equipped with top grade seat, air-conditioning system, Car DVD system. Open to a wide sight of view, it provides driver with comfortable operation and working environment

5. Owing to powerful traction, the hydraulic crawler crane has high performance in belt-loading. By using good quality steel wire rope, the product has a lengthened lifespan. It is designed with advanced swing float function, making the operation more steady and safe.

6. The single sheaved block is equipped for light and quick lifting, which enhances working efficiency.

7. Both main and auxiliary lifting winches possess unique free fall function.

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