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CFA Equipment

CFA drilling equipment is suitable for oil drilling equipment, well drilling equipment, rock drilling equipment, directional drilling equipment, and core drilling equipment.

Our CFA drilling equipment based on continuous flight auger drilling technique is mainly used in construction to create concrete piles. It can construct a continuous wall of reinforced concrete that protects workers during excavation. CFA piles combine the advantages of the driven piles and the bored piles, which are versatile and require no removal of soil. This drilling method enables the drilling equipment to excavate a wide variety of soils, dry or water-logged, loose or cohesive, and also to penetrate through low capacity, soft rock formations like tuff, loamy clays, limestone and sandstone etc. The maximum diameter of piling reaches 1.2 m and max. depth achieves 30 m, thereby helping overcome problems formerly connected to projects and execution of the pilings.

SINOVO International Company is a reliable CFA drilling equipment provider. Based in Beijing, China, we enjoy convenient transportation, which allows our customers to quickly transport their goods, at lower transportation costs. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing superior drilling equipment. Thanks to our continued efforts over the past years, now we can provide customers with high quality and low-priced desanders, hydraulic crawler drills, horizontal directional drills, and more.
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