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Piling Rig

    1. TH-60 Hydraulic Piling RigOur TH-60 hydraulic piling rig is a newly-designed construction machine that is widely used in the construction of highways, bridges, and buildings etc. It is based on Caterpillar undercarriage and consists of a hydraulic impact hammer which includes hammer, hydraulic hoses, power pack, bell driving head.
    1. Electro-Hydraulic Track Pile Driving RigOur electro-hydraulic track pile driving rig, as its name suggests, is a machine driven by electric-hydraulic control system. It can be equipped with hydraulic vibrator, hydraulic hammer, DTH, auger device etc. Various construction methods can be realized by modular combination, such as SMW, CFG, CFA, DRA and PRD.
    1. TH50 Multi-functional Crawler piling machineCrawler piling machine is our new generation construction equipment with high efficiency and high quality, which is developed to adapt to the modern pipe pile construction technology. The multipurpose crawler piling machine entirely adopts imported Cummins dynamic system, being able to output surging power.