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Hydraulic Pile Breakers

In pile foundation project, pile with a length of 1-2m is a must to fasten reinforcing steel bar on the ground, thus to enable a connection between foundation pile and concrete structure. So hydraulic pile breaker, a professional engineering pile breaking equipment, becomes more popular.

    1. SPA Series Round Hydraulic Pile BreakerOur SPA5/SPA6/SPA8 Series Round Hydraulic Pile Breaker filled the domestic gap of foundation pile crushing machine, and become the leader in China. It concentrates our five patented technologies in one body. The machine has the modular design, so it can be fit to crush the piles that have different diameters.
    1. SPF-A Square Hydraulic Pile BreakerThe leading hydraulic pile breaker, with five patented technologies, is the most efficient equipment to crushing the foundation piles and fills the domestic gap;
      Can be hung to a large variety of equipment, realize the versatility.
      Simply operated with less staff,, reduce the cost of the construction;
    1. SPF-B Square Hydraulic Pile BreakerCrushing the piles wholly,reduce the consumption of energy.
      Total hydraulic drived, almost silent in its operation;
      Integral design,more convenient to transport an more efficiently;
      Applying of new material makes it much more reliably;
    1. SPC Hydraulic Pile Breaker Coral TypeThe alloy bit and the cylinder are connected via the bolts in the middle of the alloy bit. This also ensures uniform force distribution, and thus the hydraulic pile breaker won't be damaged during operation. Our alloy bits are fabricated from military use alloy steel, which ensures higher strength and longer service life. They support cutting of maximum 5,000 piles.
    1. AN210 Hydraulic Breaker for Wall CuttingAN210 Hydraulic Breaker for Wall Cutting is an advanced, efficient and time-saving wall-breaker. It breaks wall or pile from both ends simultaneously by hydraulic system. The pile breaker is suitable for cutting off contiguous pile walls in high-speed rail, bridge and civil construction pile.