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Dynamic Compaction Equipment

    1. CHUY360 Dynamic Compaction EquipmentThe dynamic compaction equipment is an upgraded machine based on our crawler crane. Through exchanging the working unit, it can be used as either dynamic compactor or a hydraulic crane.
    1. CHUY500 Dynamic Compaction EquipmentCHUY500 is our professional tamping equipment that integrate our manufacturing experience in dynamic compaction equipment and the marketing demand. It is a new generation of construction equipment in the filed of earthwork.
    1. CHUY800 Dynamic Compaction EquipmentCHUY800 dynamic compaction equipment is a product developed by CSR Beijing Time with rated tamping capacity of 7000kN.m when the machine is used under gantry. As a key component of dynamic compaction tamper, the elevator adopts mechanical open gear transmission to make the dynamic compactor more applicable to construction requirements.